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A unique online advertising agency.  In today's economy, you need an affordable, results oriented marketing strategy.  The Internet is the right tool to reach prospective customers because they are actively searching for your product or service.  But the internet is global - so how do you compete for results locally?  Our multi-site network of local businesses works for you to ensure you are found, no matter how big or small your presence is on the internet.

STEP 1:  Sign-up Your Local Business


Merchant Sign-up

Click the "Merchant Sign-up" button to submit your business information for review. Once approved, your local advertisement will be up-and-running in no time.

Non-Profit Sign-up

If you are signing up a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit or School Club, please click the "Non-Profit Sign-up" button to start your free ad page to promote your local cause.

Nominate a Business

If you are nominating a local business as The Best, please click the "Nominate a Business" button.

STEP 2:  Choose a Plan that Works for You

Barter Plan : Local Deals Pay for Your Membership

After your ad page is approved, your business simply provides local deals to consumers, once a month, with a net value of at least $50. You never pay anything until we send you a customer with a local deal from 'Bestof-MyTown, LLC'.  See "Step 3" below for more details about Barter Membership benefits.

PDF Advertising Agreement with Bestof-MyTown (Contract)

Premium Plan : Membership With Benefits *

This plan is for merchants that would like to take advantage of more traditional advertising, and participate in merchant-to-merchant relationships.  Choose a payment option that fits your budget:  a monthly recurring membership, or one that saves you more - an annual membership.  See "Step 3" below for more details about Premium Membership benefits, including your two complimentary local deals every month.


PDF Advertising Agreement with Bestof-MyTown (Contract)

Best Local Deal Plan : Membership that Pays You Back

With this plan, your business provides local deals to consumers, once a month, with a net value of at least $100, but we recommend going as high as your comfort level.  A percentage of each sale goes back to you.  This plan is also available as an add-on to the Barter or Premium plans.

PDF Best Local Deal Agreement with Bestof-MyTown. (Contract)


* Cancellation Policy: If after three months you do not get any new customers by advertising with us, we will refund the balance of your contract.  The balance is pro-rated by the remaining months in the contract. Monthly subscriptions have a minimum three month commitment, after which they can be canceled at any time.

Contact our sales department to discuss what special offers will work best for your business. We offer highly tailored deals to maximize your return on investment.


STEP 3:  Learn More About Our Advertising Benefits

Basic Membership Benefits   (Bartering Plan)

All merchant members have access to a variety of tools to help them get results from their ad page.  As a member, you can update your ad page text; add video and photos to your gallery; create coupons and local deals; map your business; link to your official business web-site (dramatically improves your search engine rankings); monitor your votes and comments; view traffic reports, and more.  All of these tools are available on your merchant member 'MyStuff' page, and we provide world class support to help you get going.

After your ad page is launched, Bestof-MyTown, LLC will promote your business with special event announcements, and Vote & Win!™ customer loyalty cards.  Now, that's a deal!

Premium Membership Benefits

Premium members receive all of the benefits of basic membership, plus alternate city ad placement (display your ad in the mix of a neighboring city) and front-page announcements.

Premium members receive two complimentary Local Deals every month (excluding "Best Local Deal" deals*) - one at the beginning, and one at the middle of the month.  Effectively, you can recoup your advertising expense in this co-op with other merchants.  Your complimentary local deals are not limited to businesses in your town.

Upgrade to a Premium Membership at any time with a monthly subscription, or pay a low annual fee.

Best Local Deal Benefits

Best Local Deal  is our latest program to help you connect with new customers.  It's a "win-win" for everyone.  Customers get great deals from you.  You get new customers and a percentage of every online sale.  You can even designate a percentage to go to your favorite local charity, and Bestof-MyTown, LLC foots the bill.

Unlike the national group buying sites, we do not make you sign an exclusive contract to keep you from trying other programs.  We feel this is an unethical practice that only hurts you the merchant, and the consumer.  At Bestof-MyTown, LLC, we put the merchant first, and always look for the best possible deal within your comfort level.  Our goal is to help you be the best, not take your money and run.

This program is available as a membership plan (with a minimum $100 net value on your Best Local Deals), or as an add-on to our other membership plans (with no minimum net value required).  All of the basic membership benefits are included.


Email us today for more information about our advertising programs and ridiculously low rates.

* Complimentary Local Deals are available on a first-come-first-served basis to paying merchants only.

Bestof-MyTown, LLC reserves the right to not accept any ads that do not meet our self defined standards. Bestof-MyTown, LLC is neither responsible nor liable for any content posted to this Web Site by anyone other than its employees, including without limitation, statements or opinions posted to discussion boards or forums, ads or advertising from this or another agency, hyperlinks to other web-sites, and the like, and makes no representations with respect to the truth or appropriateness of any such third party content. See our Legal Disclaimer for further information.

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