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Are you promoting the next big event in your town?  Our multi-site network of local communities ensures your event will get noticed by the intended audience!  This program is FREE to all Merchant Members of Bestof-MyTown, LLC.  Front-page announcements are only available to Premium Merchant Members or paying customers.

STEP 1:  Sign-in and Set-up Your Event Ad


Post Event

Click the "Post Event" button to submit your event for review. Once approved, your event ad will be up-and-running in no time.

STEP 2:  Pay For Your Event Ad

After your event page is approved, pay by clicking the "Event Payment" button below, or by contacting our sales department at: .


STEP 3:  Learn More About Our Event Advertising Benefits

Event Advertising Benefits

All members of Bestof-MyTown, LLC have access to post announcements and entertainment event pages.  As a member, you can update your event page text; add video and photos; link to your official event web-site (dramatically improves your search engine rankings); monitor comments; and more.  All of these tools are available on your member 'MyStuff' page.

Event announcements will be displayed up to 90 days.  As the event date draws closer, the announcement will rise to the top of the list.

Bestof-MyTown, LLC reserves the right to not accept any event ads that do not meet our self defined standards. Bestof-MyTown, LLC is neither responsible nor liable for any content posted to this Web Site by anyone other than its employees, including without limitation, statements or opinions posted to discussion boards or forums, ads or advertising from this or another agency, hyperlinks to other web-sites, and the like, and makes no representations with respect to the truth or appropriateness of any such third party content. See our Legal Disclaimer for further information.

Author, Ralph Harris

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