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Looking for a guide to restaurants and cafes, local shopping districts, reliable neighborhood services, hot entertainment and recreation, or simply the best pizza restaurant in Longmont? We've compiled a directory of local restaurants and shops that are voted the best by the online community of Best of MyTown - Longmont, Co. The list in each category is presented in order of ranking, or alphabetically if preferred. It's fun to see who Longmont really thinks the top-10 Restaurants are!

Shop Local & Save!™
Participating merchants offer discounted deals for purchase online. Members may purchase one offer per business every 90 days, unless otherwise stated. A percentage of our sales goes to local charities and clubs, when designated. All offers are made available again at the beginning of each month. Many businesses offer valuable coupons, too. We provide merchants an economical and environmentally friendly way to create and distribute coupons.

Vote & Win!™
Participating merchants carry a Vote & Win! card with a special promo-code. Enter the promo-code on the home-page and vote for the merchant to be an instant winner! Each vote also enters you into our daily drawing for a free deal to one of our local businesses. The vote button on each business's page lets us know how they are doing. Leave a comment or review if you like! Your vote helps determine who the best is each month.

Community Events
All members of Best of MyTown - Longmont, Co can create classifieds and organization listings, such as for Churches, Temples, Mosques, Synagogues and clubs. We allow merchant members the added privilege of posting announcements and entertainment events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you start Best of MyTown - Longmont, Co?

A: Besides trying to help local businesses survive in this economy, we believe local businesses are the best choice because they have the most at stake when it comes to customer satisfaction. Keeping money in the local economy strengthens the community. The Internet shopping malls take money out of the local economy; however, we are leveraging the Internet to help keep that money local. We are locally focused.

Q: What businesses do you consider for your site?

A: We consider any local business that meets the requirements of striving to be the best in the industry they serve.

Q: How do I advertise my local business?

A: At the bottom of each page is an Advertising link. Click the link, then click the sign-up button. You will fill out a brief form for your local business. When we receive the form, your business will go under review as to whether it is a match.

Q: Why are some local businesses not listed here?

A: We respect the right of some businesses to not be listed even though they may qualify. Also, as a grass-roots business, naturally we are growing from "the ground up". If you see a business is not listed that should be, please nominate them.

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